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“We help active adults remain strong, mobile and independent, without pain killers, injections or expensive procedures.

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About Highland Physical Therapy

At Highland Physical Therapy, patients are ensured that every treatment plan is tailored to address their personal circumstances and their end goals. This is an approach that sets Kimberly and her team apart, allowing genuine connections to be formed with patients and achieve remarkable outcomes in the process.

About Kimberly Schwarze

Kimberly’s journey into physical therapy began over three decades ago when she pursued her degree at Idaho State University. Raised in Idaho, Kimberly’s roots run deep in the community, and her decision to settle in Southeast Idaho reflects her dedication to treating the people around her. It was here that she laid the foundation for both her career and family life.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Highland Physical Therapy

Kent Kearns


Great personnel, truly care about getting you out of pain, and teaching you how to keep being pain free. Provided a personal plan to meet my needs. I wish that I had gone in sooner than I did! I am very appreciative of their assistance in managing my chronic back pain. Would highly recommend them to anyone!

Rachel Nesbit


I started going to Highland Physical Therapy last year around Jun-Oct. I was completely satisfied with their professionalism. Well I’ve had some new issues and here I am again. Janae received my request and set my first appointment within 24 of receipt. I started out working with Kristen but a couples times I worked with Kimberly. Their have great work ethics. The entire staff is sweet, kind and caring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great job Highland Physical Therapy.

Karen Matteucci


Anyone looking for a great experience with Physical Therapy, this is the place. The staff is experienced and really takes the time to explain the what and why of the treatment they are performing. I am excited about the results I am experiencing and am looking forward to doing outdoor activities this spring without pain.

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