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Kimberly and her team offer massage therapy at Highland Physical Therapy. Many patients enjoy receiving a massage, either for relaxation or calming their nervous system down, because they might be overactive due to other pain problems.

Patients choose massage therapy to help with sports performance, supporting patients from an injury, optimizing their health for their athletic career.

This can help to speed up the recovery process in your healthcare journey with Highland Physical Therapy. Deep tissue massage for example, can help the general recovery process in addition to physical therapy sessions. Massage has many benefits and deep tissue massage can improve the movement of the muscle. It increases new blood flow to that area being treated and speed up the recovery.

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As a patient, you can choose how much of one area you want a massage to be spent on, specify which area you want to focus on for your massage or opt to have your whole body massaged.

This can be embedded as part of your self-care program to improve your health, for your relaxation and peace of mind.

Massage therapy plays a complementary role in the recovery process alongside physical therapy sessions. Deep tissue massage, in particular, can aid in general recovery by targeting deep-seated tension and promoting circulation to facilitate healing. By increasing blood flow to the treated area, deep tissue massage helps alleviate muscle stiffness and soreness, ultimately expediting the recovery process.

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Furthermore, it is instrumental in enhancing muscle flexibility, which is essential for restoring range of motion and improving overall mobility. By targeting specific muscle groups, patients have the leniency to tailor their massage sessions according to their preferences and areas of concern.

Whether it is addressing localized tension or promoting relaxation throughout the entire body, massage therapy offers a versatile and effective approach to self-care and rehabilitation.

Patients can take an active role in their self-care journey by incorporating massage therapy into their routine to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and support their overall health and well-being. With customizable options ranging from 30-minute to 90-minute sessions, individuals have the flexibility to schedule massages that fit seamlessly into their lifestyle and healthcare regimen. Ultimately, massage therapy serves as a valuable adjunct to physical therapy, helping patients achieve optimal recovery and maintain a balanced state of health.

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