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Back Pain

Over the years, Kimberly has treated hundreds of patients who suffer from back pain, and there are certain conditions that she has seen more often than others.

One of the more common ones is sciatica, where you can have pain shooting down your hip and your legs, and sometimes all the way down to your foot. It is often not understood that it can originate from your back.

Usually, it comes from pressure on a nerve either coming right out of your back from your spinal cord, or pressure from muscles onto that, the sciatic nerve in your hip. Kimberly strives to find out what the true source of your back pain is. She ensures that patients have an understanding, and that something can be done to fix the pain point. You do not have to live with this condition, suffering with no solution to your pain.

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Implementing certain exercises, Kimberly using hands on therapy to relieve the pressure off the nerve, whether it is coming from a disc or inflammation. Supporting the area around the pain means specific exercises strengthening the area around the source of your pain. This gets rid of the pain in the long term and allows people can get back to their daily activities, and just enjoy being around family members and friends.

Some of Kimberly’s patients have developed a certain branch of back pain called stenosis, when there is a little narrowing with the tunnel, and the vertebrae provided for the nerve to come out of the spinal cord. This can cause a lot of pain and getting the joints moving around that area to open it up can relieve the pain.

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Kimberly uses certain proven exercises, using her hands to help move the vertebrae to stretch out the small joints surrounding the areas where the nerves come out, and then teaches people how to be able to maintain that on their own.

Some people treated have suffered from a progressively stiffening back, and regularly wake up stiff in their body. They do not want to live with that when it is interfering with their personal and professional life, but it is easily remedied with the right type of stretches and exercises. Kimberly chooses to educate her patients on how to how to prevent back pain from happening.

Often it is as simple as teaching people how they should be sitting, their sleeping positions, lifting objects, and the ways in which to do their daily activities to not irritate their back.

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