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Neck Pain

Over the years, Kimberly has observed a common trend among her patients; the prevalence of neck pain and headaches due to poor posture.

Modern lifestyles often involve prolonged periods of sitting at desks or hunching over electronic devices, leading to forward head and shoulder postures.

These postural habits place excessive strain on the neck muscles, contributing to discomfort and tension.

As a result, you may experience tightness and stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles, leading to chronic pain and discomfort. Kimberly emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues to alleviate symptoms and improve overall well-being. Through targeted interventions and with the right care, she helps her patients break free from the cycle of neck pain and headaches caused by poor posture.

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Therefore, your structure becomes tight while other parts of your body are loose. Those neck muscles are in a constant cycle of having to work too hard and, as a result, your muscles are in pain, but they still must work. Addressing those issues can help with neck pain and headaches. The muscles need to be progressively massaged so that they are strengthened.

Kimberly understands the connection between posture, muscle strength, and pain, and she works with her patients to solve these underlying issues. Through implementing the right treatment plans, she grants you the opportunity to reclaim control over your neck health and enjoy a life free from chronic discomfort and headaches.

The joints in your neck can develop arthritic changes and getting the joints moving again and being balanced is extremely important. Balancing one side with the other can help with resolving the pain and also getting back to function the way should do.

You will then be able to do normal activities and hobbies without having to crane your neck or hold it place.

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After Kimberly’s support, her patients can resume their work as normal, making this a life changing experience. As individuals approach retirement age, the desire to make the most of their remaining years, becomes even more prominent. However, injuries and chronic pain can impede their ability to fully enjoy this phase of life. The interventions Kimberly uses helps expedite recovery and enable her patients to savor precious moments of their life pain free.

In terms of the spinal injuries, it accumulates unless it is addressed with the right treatment. It does not go away on its own and puts stress on other parts of the body. It is important to be able to to fix those past injuries and get things moving the way the body should.

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