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Kimberly’s journey into physical therapy began over three decades ago when she pursued her degree at Idaho State University.

Raised in Idaho, Kimberly’s roots run deep in the community, and her decision to settle in Southeast Idaho reflects her dedication to treating the people around her. It was here that she laid the foundation for both her career and family life.

Driven by a desire to provide high-quality healthcare with a personal touch, Kimberly commenced on a path that led her to establish her own physical therapy clinic. After becoming a mother, she recognized the need for a healthcare model that prioritized individualized care and meaningful patient relationships. Thus, Highland Physical Therapy was created – a place where patients are not just names on a chart but individuals with unique needs, goals, and aspirations

Choosing to diverge from the traditional hospital model, Kimberly set out to generate a clinic environment that fostered connection and genuine care. At Highland Physical Therapy, patients are ensured that every treatment plan is tailored to address their personal circumstances and their end goals. This is an approach that sets Kimberly and her team apart, allowing genuine connections to be formed with patients and achieve remarkable outcomes in the process.

Kimberly’s decision to establish Highland Physical Therapy outside of the traditional hospital model reflects her dedication to providing a more patient-centered approach to rehabilitation. Patients are always put first, and their needs and aspirations addressed, ensuring a healthy recovery journey. By tailoring treatment plans, Kimberly and her team create a supportive and nurturing environment. This enhances the consistency of rehabilitation, resulting in positive results for Kimberly’s patients.

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Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds rejuvenation in the great outdoors. Whether travelling through snow-covered trails or gliding through waters in a kayak, she thrives in the serenity of Idaho’s natural landscapes. For Kimberly, outdoor recreation isn’t just a hobby – it’s a basis for a healthy and fulfilling life, and she encourages her fellow Idahoans to embrace the prospects for outdoor adventure that surround them.

In her leisure time, Kimberly channels her creativity into photography and digital art. She captures shots on her camera and then transforms them into visual compositions on Photoshop. Additionally, her love for music and the piano provides a harmonious balance to her busy professional life, offering relaxation amidst the demands of her physical therapy clinic.

Kimberly is devoted to her patient care and leads a team of dedicated professionals who share her values and vision, ensuring that every individual who walks through the clinic’s doors receives the highest standard of treatment and support. Together, they create a welcoming and inclusive environment where patients feel empowered to take an effective role in their rehabilitation journey, guided by Kimberly to improve their well-being.

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