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It Is Time For March Mat-ness

​No, we are not talking about the college basketball tournament. We at Highland Physical Therapy are bringing back a series that we have done in the past to keep you active and healthy this spring.Exercise is a key component in staying healthy and preventing injuries. Doing yoga or Pilates can help you build strength, flexibility, and balance, aiding in improving posture, increasing cardiovascular endurance, and reducing stress.

Mat exercises such as these can also be beneficial for managing chronic pain, such as back pain or neck pain.Through proper form and technique that comes with regular practice of yoga or Pilates exercises, people can improve their muscle strength and better understand which areas of the body they need to strengthen while addressing any physical limitations they may have.

This knowledge can then be used to prevent future injury or pain by strengthening weak areas and making sure they are balanced out with strong ones. In addition to helping manage existing discomfort, performing mat exercises regularly can also help prevent injuries and pain from happening in the first place.

With regular practice, your body can become better conditioned to handle physical activity. By increasing your strength, flexibility, and balance you will be less likely to experience muscle strains or other aches and pains when doing physical activities such as gardening or playing sports.
Doing yoga or Pilates regularly can also increase awareness of how you move and help you identify when certain movements may lead to increased risk of injury. This knowledge can then be used to modify your movements in order to reduce any potential risks. All these benefits combined make mat exercises like yoga and Pilates an invaluable part of staying healthy and preventing pain or injuries in the future.

Here are some exercises that kicked off our March Mat-ness Series

​How Pilates and Yoga Can Help You Prevent Pain or Eliminate It

​Exercises such as yoga and Pilates are incredibly beneficial not only for managing existing pain points, but also preventing injury in the future. Through these exercises, users can increase mobility, flexibility, balance and strength which can help reduce the physical difficulties of everyday life tasks.
The practice of mat exercises also helps to restore focus and mental wellbeing through breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. Therefore, practicing mat exercises regularly can have a positive effect on overall health and wellbeing, making it an essential component for any healthy lifestyle.

Struggling With Pain When Exercising? Doing Pilates or Yoga And Have Questions On How It Can Be Used to Treat Pain? ​

​If you’ve been struggling with pain when exercising and it is keeping you from staying active, come see us!We understand how frustrating it can be for those who are experiencing pain who are trying to stay active; however, proper physical therapy coupled with an effective treatment plan could make all the difference and you can continue to get the exercise you need if you can eliminate the pain you are feeling with physical therapy.

Reach out to one of our physical therapists at 208-237-2080 for more details on how we can help you manage your pain. We are passionate about helping and supporting you as you strive for wellness and your ability to stay active!

​Yoga, Pilates, and Physical Therapy Can Help Reduce and Treat Pain

If you’re struggling with pain and you want a plan to help alleviate it –our team is here to help!

You can get quick, natural pain relief so you don’t need to take pills on a regular basis.You can also discover the root cause of the problem, which will mean that you can stop it once and for all, and avoid it coming back in future.
If you are looking for a drug-free solution with pain then follow us over on Facebook for our March Mat-ness series! This series will give you exercises that you can do to help you relieve or prevent pain. These are also great exercises to keep you active, happy, and healthy.

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