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How To Stop Ankle Pain Without Painkillers

Most movement activities involve standing on your feet. And just with a good building, a strong foundation is needed to keep the structures stable and healthy.

One area of your body that may be suffering a lot if you have foot problems is your ankles.

And we regular treat health-conscious patients at our Pocatello clinic, who want to discover how to stop ankle pain without painkillers.

A natural, and convenient way to treat ankle pain is to use custom made orthotics which can be a really simple way to correct foot imbalances and provide long term ankle pain relief.

In combination with physical therapy, this is a very effective, drug-free solution which has stopped ankle pain for hundreds of past patients in a relatively short space of time.

​How Do Foot Imbalances Cause Ankle Pain?

Surprisingly often ankle pain, and even knee, hip and lower back pain can be caused by foot imbalances.

And a common mistake when looking at pain in a particular area is to solely focus your attention on that area.

In our physical therapy experience, the best approach is to consider how your entire body is working and this can help us spot the root cause of the issue which ensures that it is fixed quickly – and most importantly, it doesn’t keep coming back.

That is why you may have been for massages in the past to reduce ankle, knee or back pain only to find that it returned a week or so later.

This happens because the actual cause of the pain (problems with foot imbalances) aren’t addressed.

Supination Of Your Foot

One potential imbalance to address is supination of your foot. This means that your weight is distributed unevenly on your feet leading your foot to roll to the outside.

To counteract this, and keep you upright, your ankle then has to compensate and shift towards the other side leaving muscles on one side of the ankle tight, and the other looser.

It also means that your ankle joint isn’t in alignment which can lead to discomfort when walking, climbing stairs and standing for long period.

Pronation Of Your Foot

The other common imbalance is pronation of your foot. This is essentially the opposite of supination where your weight is distributed unevenly meaning your foot rolls to the inside.

Again, this impacts your ankle, and if you ankle is imbalanced, joints further up your body have to compensate such as the knees, hips and lower back. This is why ankle pain can lead to knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain.

The image below shows how excessive pronation and supination impact your ankles. Wow!

Quick And Easy Way To See If You Have Foot Imbalances Which Are Causing Your Ankle Pain

A quick and easy to find out whether you have foot imbalances is to walk barefoot with wet feet on concrete.

This will show how your weight is distributed across your feet, and can help you identify a potential reason your ankle pain won’t go away.

How To Stop Ankle Pain Without Painkillers

If you notice that you are a pronator, a supinator, or you are struggling with ankle pain that keeps coming back, we would love to invite you for a free foot scan at Highland Physical Therapy.

To arrange your free foot scan, call our friendly team on 208-237-2080 and we can arrange a convenient time for you to visit.

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Other Natural Pain Relief Solutions

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Speak to an expert physical therapist during a Free Discovery Visit or Free Telephone Consultation to ask questions and find out what options are available to you to reduce muscle aches, painful joints and get back to doing the things you love!

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Author: Kimberly Schwarze

Kimberly had her first set of orthotics as a 14 year old. She has been studying foot dynamics and rehab for decades. In her free time she enjoys hiking, biking, skiing and gardening.

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