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Preventing Injuries while putting away Christmas decorations

Now that the Christmas holidays are over, it’s time to stow away the decorations for another year. Doing so poses a risk for back, knee and shoulder injuries. The following tips will help prevent such injuries so that you get going with the new year.
1. Bend at your hips and knees
2. Maintain a wide stance with feet at shoulder width and one foot slightly in front of the other.
​3. Maintain a neutral spine – not arching or flexing forward.
4. Hold items close to your body
5. Limit the weight in each box and the size of the box. If needed use more boxes to protect your joints. This may also protect your decorations.
6. Store items at chest level or lower if possible. If not, use a safe and steady step stool or have someone hold a small ladder steady.
7. Don’t lift heavy objects over your head. That is one easy way to damage your shoulders.
8. Get help to move large an/or heavy objects.
9. Maintain strength levels through the year so that you can participate in all the activities you love!
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