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Why We Need To Talk More About The Pelvic Floor

“I wish I was told how to take care of my Pelvic Floor after I had my babies,” lamented a nurse who recently walked into my clinic. Her sentiment echoed mine. We, both healthcare professionals, found ourselves on the confusing journey of discovering our pelvic floors later in life, particularly after motherhood. This got me thinking: … Read more

3 Exercises To Relax Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

As we enjoy the picturesque views that Pocatello has to offer, there is an underlying issue that many silently struggle with. Tightened pelvic floor muscles. Imagine the frustration of feeling a constant, underlying discomfort, the intimacy issues that might arise in your relationships, the hesitancy to participate in social events, or the insecurity of experiencing urinary … Read more

5 Ways Orthotics Can Help Your Knee and Back Pain

Are you fighting a daily battle against knee and back pain? The frustration of not being able to play with your children because of nagging knee and back pain, or the heartbreak of watching from the sidelines as your friends play the sport you love. If you’ve experienced this, you don’t need to accept the … Read more

Your Feet: A Strong Foundation

​Most movement activities involve standing on your feet. And just like the foundation of a good building, a strong foundation for your body is needed to keep your structures stable and healthy. A poor foundation leads to early breakdown of all structures. If your feet tend to roll to the inside excessively, you are a … Read more

The Secret Stretches For Neck Pain That The Pro’s Don’t Want You To Know About

Do you constantly find yourself battling with neck pain? ​No matter how hard you try, it just keeps getting in the way of your daily routine. You may have tried several remedies, but you still haven’t found the relief you need. What if there were some secret stretches that medical professionals and professional athletes have … Read more

These 5 Things Could Make Your Shoulder Pain Worse

Pain in the shoulder can be caused by a variety of problems, including injury or overuse. Problems within the joint, such as an arthritic condition or a dislocated shoulder, may also lead to shoulder pain. Other common causes of shoulder pain include rotator cuff tears, bursitis, tendonitis, and impingement.Symptoms of shoulder pain vary depending on … Read more

Myths About Back Pain and Treatment

Back pain is a common medical issue, and individuals of all ages can experience it. Back pain can range from mild to severe, depending on the cause of the discomfort.Common causes of back pain include poor posture, muscle strains, arthritis, fractures or disc degeneration. Treatment for back pain depends on its cause and severity. Mild … Read more

5 Things That Can Make Your Knee Pain Worse

Knee pain when running is a common issue that can be caused by a wide variety of factors. It is important to seek the help of a physical therapist if you are struggling with knee pain as they will be able to assess the cause and provide treatment or advice on how to prevent further … Read more